Quality over quantity. Our work showcases our constant focus on producing quality results for all of our clients.

  • America One Player - v2

    America One Media Player

    America One broadcasts hundreds of events throughout the year and they use our FastKast media solution to do it.

  • MikesScreenShot

    Score the Fourth

    Mike’s Hard Lemonade had a clever 4th of July project we executed in Adobe Flash and integrated into Flash Media Server while pulling data from a Ruby on Rails API. Users could watch a video and use their keyboard to add sound effects to it then save it for others to view. Very fun!

  • GxStream


    As a strategic partner, we handled product development including developing the rails site/api, deploying a Wowza server, customizing Wowza to tie in directly to the api for authentication/stream publishing notifications, and all front-end/UI development. The project is still being completed by the core Gx team.

  • ymdi

    YMDI v2

    Young Men’s Development Initiative is a non-profit aiming to help young men develop into proper men so of course we were excited to provide our services. We created a custom designed WordPress theme along with handling their install and setup.

  • g412-v1

    Generation 4:12

    Generation 4:12 is the youth ministry for The Church at Bethel’s Family. With the adults moving into a new building, the youth now have the “old” church. This meant they needed to step up their web and media presence. We continue to provide site management through a customized WordPress theme and media management through video editing, on-demand video management, and live streams every Sunday.

  • BHH

    Bethel’s Heavenly Hands

    Bethel’s Heavenly Hands is one of those non-profits doing such a great public service you can’t help but get involved. The sheer amount of people they help clothe and feed in the Houston area is phenomenal. We provided them with a custom WordPress theme and configuration.

  • ElementalTechPlayer2

    Elemental Tech Video Player

    Elemental Tech needed a player to showcase their technology through the Octoshape system.

  • ymdi-v1

    YMDI v1

    YMDI had a previous web presence that did not match the quality of their program. We stepped in to provide guidance, a custom WordPress theme, and WordPress configuration.

  • iBethelTV4

    iBethel.tv Media Player

    iBethel.tv provides inspirational videos for a rather large following and needed a customized media player to utilize the Octoshape system.

  • B2_FrenchOpen6

    B2 Networks

    We worked with B2 Networks on their media player offering to cover major events like the French Open.

  • NBA2

    NBA Widgets

    The NBA needed a couple Flash widgets done on short notice. We stepped up and met their deadline even with a full rewrite, due to the code needing a bit of love. The widget is shown in this screenshot just below the “NBA Green Week 2009″ banner.

  • HighwindsHDPlayer1

    Highwinds HD Media Player

    Highwinds approached us to build a media player based on the Octoshape Showcase Player but built in Flex and integrated into their Maven build system. It is complete with a customizable playlist, Live DVR, VOD playback, and full use of the Octoshape system.

  • CNN.com Live Video Player

    CNN.com Live Player

    We thoroughly enjoyed working with CNN on this project. It started as an experiment and turned into a record breaking live streaming experience during President Obama’s inauguration.

  • HPYouTubeProjectDirect12

    YouTube Project:Direct

    Movie posters help shape the movie and HP, teamed with YouTube, brought custom movie posters for YouTube videos through this Flash widget. All text was fully customizable through a simple-to-use wizard.

  • MySpaceAdBuilder25

    MySpace Ad Builder

    Building a mini-image Photoshop was pretty tedious but the end result was sweet!