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We provide high-quality software development and management services for the web, desktop, multiple mobile platforms; including automating infrastructure management.

Over the years we’ve enjoyed working with many small and large brands.

Cloud Infrastructure

We provide cloud architecture creation from scratch and we can review your current architecture to provide improvements.

Mobile Development

Mobile is all the rage. Everyone and their mama wants a mobile app. We’re keenly positioned to take your ideas, concepts, and desires to help formulate them into a cross-platform mobile experience.

Web Development

Whether you need a custom-built solution or a content-specific WordPress site, we’re ready to help you bring your ideas to life with a responsive web app.

Our Past Work

Quality over quantity. Our work showcases our constant focus on producing quality results for all of our clients.

Anomaly. Outlier. Genius. These are the words that come to mind for John C. Bland II. I have never come across a person with such depth of knowledge across multiple disciplines in IT technology. His expertise is rare, and so is his commitment to share his wealth of knowledge with others.

Andrae Ambrose

Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Aambrose Consulting

John has one of the most expansive depths of knowledge of anyone I know and yet that is entirely eclipsed by his commitment to helping everyone on his team be the best they can be. Can he build anything? Absolutely! Can he help someone else successfully navigate their way around a complex deliverable? I have seen him do it hundreds of times.

Lukas Ruebbelke

VP of Learning and Developer Growth, Briebug

I have worked with John in my current position as a DevOps engineer for over a year at ESBA. He is my direct supervisor, and his level of expertise in numerous disciplines is unrivaled. He is extremely knowledgeable in frontend, backend, full-stack, and infrastructure. John is a tremendous asset to any team he is a part of. Not only is he a top-notch coder he is also a great leader. I highly recommend John to lead or be a part of any development team.

Warren Brown

DevOps Engineer, Xolv, LLC

I’ve worked with many developers in my time in infrastructure and security. John is a star amongst them all. He is likely the only developer I’ve worked with, infrastructure or otherwise, who genuinely likes to put security first. He likes to think about all angles for any issue and will often simplify things in a manner that allows our executive teams to understand the issue fully as well.

I’d gladly have John lead any of my dev teams as he’s not only easy to work with, but makes my job easier as well.

Jason Weitzman

Application Security Engineer, Xolv, LLC

 I've known John (as of writing this) just under a year while employed at WebFilings. John is a man with a defined and solid value system. This provides the foundation that guides his professional life.

I was introduced through a mutual friend and was able to work with John in an agile environment, over a # of sprints. Rarely do you meet someone as gifted intellectually as John, who is also able to be the ultimate team player. I was regularly taken back as we would look to tackle a problem where John would speak up, or even better say nothing, and dig in to get it done.

John’s humility is shown with the patience he not only tackles engineering problems, but the patience with which he mentors others. Some may feel threatened about 'giving away' their ultimate professional asset; their intelligence. Not John. He has spent many hours with me personally, answering questions, as well as helping others to get ramped up on a particular technology or simply jumping in and pair programming a specific feature. He does this all with the mindset of 'team first'.

To this day I don't think I have a full grasp of his total skill set. His hunger to consume JS libraries, frameworks and his personal love of UX/UI make him a truly dangerous person behind a keyboard. John doesn't work for a living and I am sure if he wasn't getting paid you would most likely find him doing the same thing he is today; It's not a career - it's his passion.

In short, when you're given a large project or feature to work on, John is that team member you are thinking of first - looking for a way to get him involved knowing that his contributions not only provide a better experience, but raise the bar of all who are around him.

Jason Moore

Head of UX, Workiva

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